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Over the years, the Society has collaborated with many volunteer organisations and lawyers to improve legal awareness and access to justice. The Society has also incorporated the feedback provided by members of the p​ublic on Know the Law. This year, the Society has greatly increased the number of hard copies of Know the Law they have printed and intend to give them out at the inaugural Law Awareness Week launch event

‘Know the Law NOW!’ describes in laymen’s terms, the commonly encountered areas of the law ranging from the Singapore Court system, to making various civil claims and of particular emphasis is a section on family and matrimonial matters. The Society hopes that you find Know the Law to be as useful as possible, and welcomes all constructive feedback at

The ‘Know the Law NOW!’ booklet is available for download through the link below:



Know the Law Now Booklet

The law is an unseen force that exists around you every-day of your life. Behind the scenes, the law provides the order and structure that makes your life what it is. The law does this by taking many forms; property law governing why you can sleep in your bed, employment law ensuring you are paid fairly and even contract law ensuring that you are entitled to your lunch from a hawker.​

So invisible is the law in our daily lives, that many people have no idea how it relates to them. Some people can even come close to breaking laws they had no idea existed - and this creates big problems! A salesman who feels like he doesn’t give a refund for a lemon, or an employer unfairly terminating an employee without compensation may not realise what they are doing is against the law. That is why it is the duty of everyone to KNOW THE LAW!

Since 1998, the Know the Law (“KTL”) Handbook has been produced and circulated for this very reason; promoting legal awareness amongst the public. The KTL handbook is streamlined into 9 nine main topics to ensure user-friendliness. The KTL handbook covers all the major areas of the law which apply to individuals on a daily basis.

The Law Awareness Committee works tirelessly to keep the content relevant and we extend our gratitude to them, and the many volunteers who generously donated their time and expertise to produce content for this publication. We also thank the editorial team, and Portcullis Trust (Singapore) Ltd for their continued sponsorship.

I hope your find this book to be a useful guide to understanding the law around you.


Thio Shen Yi, Senior Counsel
President, The Law Society of Singapore
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