Volunteer Schemes

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10/27/2022 7:50 AMSystem AccountVacation attachments with the Pro Bono Services Office.<br> <br>Spend your vacation fruitfully by engaging in meaningful work for the community while gaining pro bono exposure.
Internship / Attachments
8/5/2021 1:42 PMSystem AccountPro bono representation for the needy.<br> <br>No one should be deprived of access to justice simply because they cannot afford a lawyer. Offer pro bono legal representation to people with limited financial means.
Representation for Individuals
2/22/2021 12:49 PMTan Su Lyn ClaudineEmpower the helpless with your legal knowledge.<br> <br>Volunteer to give legal advice at a Legal Clinic.
Legal Clinics
1/5/2021 7:56 AMTan Su Lyn ClaudineBe a mentor to new lawyers.<br> <br>Play a part to nurture new lawyers to further the pro bono cause.
1/5/2021 7:55 AMTan Su Lyn ClaudineHelp develop our information resources.<br> <br>Assist in editing, compiling and contributing to volunteer manuals, guides and other information resources for volunteers/pro bono initiatives
1/5/2021 7:45 AMTan Su Lyn ClaudineAssistance for non-profit organisations serving the community.<br> <br>Offer your practice’s expertise to provide free non-litigation commercial legal assistance to NPO serving international or local communities.
Assisting Community Organisations
4/21/2020 3:21 PMTan Su Lyn ClaudineLawyers without Local Practising Certificates
Lawyers without Local PCs
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6/4/2019 11:41 AMMichael HoMentorship and assistance for your pro bono work.<br> <br>Need guidance for your pro bono work?<br>We can assist to match you with a mentor or specialist practitioner to help you.
Mentor/ Specialist Resource Guidance
6/4/2019 11:41 AMMichael HoResearch assistance for complex pro bono cases.<br> <br>Acting in a pro bono civil or criminal case with complex legal issues? <br>Our Pro Bono Research Initiative may be able to assist.
Pro Bono Research Initiative
6/4/2019 11:40 AMMichael HoParalegal support for criminal trials.<br> <br>Need paralegal support for your pro bono criminal trial?<br>We can assist to source for volunteer law students to provide you with paralegal assistance.
Paralegal Support Scheme for CLAS
6/4/2019 11:40 AMMichael HoHelping you screen potential pro bono clients.<br> <br>Do you or your firm undertake ad hoc pro bono work not covered by formal legal aid schemes?<br>We can help you screen potential pro bono clients.
Ad Hoc Pro Bono Assessment Scheme
6/4/2019 11:39 AMMichael HoNot sure where to start volunteering?<br> <br>We will be happy to conduct a briefing for you/your colleagues on pro bono work volunteer opportunities.
Pro Bono Briefings For Law Practices
6/4/2019 11:38 AMMichael HoSupport for your pro bono initiative.<br> <br>Engaged in regular pro bono work for a particular group of persons or community in need but are not receiving organizational support?
Volunteer Initiative Support Scheme
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​Your gift allows the Law Society Pro Bono Services to run these programmes offering lawyers a platform to be a voice for the voiceless, providing support and renewed hope for lives.​
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