Project Law Help

Due to COVID-19 safe management measures, our employees are continuing to telecommute with a skeletal team in the office.   

Project Law Help and community outreach events are taking place via video-conference and webinars respectively.  

Please email us at to apply for Project Law Help assistance.  


Are you:

1. A *community organisation in Singapore with an objective to meet community concerns or needs?

2. In need of legal advice and/or services for a corporate non-litigation matter/transaction concerning your organisation?

*Includes Charity, Voluntary Welfare Organisation, Social Enterprise.

If so, we may be able to help!

We match community organisations which qualify for assistance with law firms willing to provide free non-litigation commercial legal services.

Examples of such legal services include:

  • Corporate Law (e.g. advice on contracts with suppliers, indemnity agreements for corporate sponsors, drafting pledges for donors);
  • Employment Law (e.g. drafting or reviewing employment contracts);
  • Intellectual Property Law (e.g. advice on copyright, data protection, website use);
  • Property Law (e.g. lease terms); and
  • Other legal matters not involving court litigation advice or representation.

Successful applicants will work directly with the law firm assigned. All legal matters of the community organisation are handled in professional confidence by he volunteer law practice.

Disclaimer: Where the community organisation has insufficient reserves to cover 2 years' operating expenses, and such reserves do not exceed $1,000,000, Project Law Help provides follow-ups and further administrative support after a law firm has been assigned.

However, where the community organisation has reserves exceeding $1,000,000 and/or the reserves are sufficient to cover more than 2 years' operating expenses, once a law firm has been assigned, the match-up is discretionary and would no longer fall under Project Law Help. Thus, no further follow up or administrative support will be provided, as the focus of this initiative is on organisations with limited or no financial resources. 

How to apply for Project Law Help assistance?

To register, please contact us at

Disclaimer: The Project Law Help Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion. No undertakings may be presumed or otherwise implied from any information or statement herein.



For general information on legal issues relating to community organisations, please refer to LegaleSE: A Legal Handbook For Non-Profit Organisations And Social Enterprises, a copy of which may be downloaded HERE.

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