2017 Project Helps Students Understand the Law The Straits Times ​03 July 2017
2016 Project Schools: Initiative to educate students on the law enters second phase Channel
​03 April 2016
​Criminal Legal Aid helping more accused people ​Straits Times ​29 February 2016
More people got legal aid ​My Paper ​29 February 2016
​Overseas call requesting assistance in murder case ​Lianhe Wanbao ​24 February 2016
​Opening of legal year; Three times more people given pro bono legal help ​Straits Times ​​12 January 2016
​More step up to help intellectually disabled at police stations ​Today ​21 January 2016
​International services a key part of S'pore's legal focus ​Today ​23 January 2016
​Guide for in-house lawyers on helping out ​Straits Times ​29 January, 2016
​Three times more people given pro bono legal help ​Straits Times ​12 January, 2016
​NUS law module assesses students on pro bono work ​Straits Times ​4 January, 2016
2015 ​A heart for pro bono causes ​The New Paper ​27 June 2015
​Enhanced Criminal Legal Aid Scheme officially launched ​Straits Times ​19 May, 2015
​Enhanced Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Set to Provide Greater Access to Justice ​Singapore Government News ​19 May, 2015
​Help for those who can't afford lawyers ​The Straits Times ​​19 May, 2015
​Five full-time lawyers help boost legal aid scheme ​​TODAY ​19 May, 2015
​Speech by K Shanmugam, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Law, at Official Launch of Enhanced Criminal Legal Aid Scheme ​Singapore Government News ​18 May, 2015
​Enhanced Criminal Legal Aid Scheme to benefit up to 6,000 people yearly ​Channel NewsAsia ​18 May, 2015
​Government to help fund enhanced Criminal Legal Aid Scheme ​Straits Times ​18 May, 2015
​Pick up 'pamphlet of rights' to get it right ​Straits Times ​11 April, 2015
​Help for suspects with special needs ​Straits Times ​1 April 2015
Students probe claims of wrongful conviction ​Straits Times ​21 Feb, 2015
​Real-life cases in Channel 5 court drama Verdict ​Straits Times ​11 Feb, 2015
​New scheme to help persons with developmental disabilities during police investigations ​Straits Times ​31 March, 2015
​Legal aid scheme must be properly structured to prevent 'cannibalisation' ; Move will help criminal lawyers not lose out in expansion of Criminal Legal Aid Scheme this year TODAY ​6 Jan, 2015
​2014 Full-time lawyers hired to do criminal legal aid work ​Straits Times ​31 Dec, 2014
​Pro bono work and legal aid to provide better access to justice: Indranee ​Channel NewsAsia ​2 October 2014
​Justice For All ​The New Paper ​9 September 2014
​Bankrupts must still pay child support ​The New Paper ​24 August 2014
​Legal structure options for new social enterprises ​Straits Times ​15 January 2014
2013 ​Defending the poor ​Straits Times ​21 December 2013
​24 suspected rioters charged, remanded to help investigation


​11 December 2013
​24 Indian nationals charged with rioting in Little India ​Channel NewsAsia ​10 December 2013
​More accused will get access to criminal legal aid ​Straits Times ​​​7 December 2013
​Govt will provide direct legal aid to defendants in criminal cases ; Scheme set to be enhanced with more funding, tiered structure providing a range of help TODAY ​7 December 2013
​Parliament; Govt may boost funds for legal aid ​Straits Times ​13 November 2013
​More funding for those unable to afford lawyers in criminal cases Channel NewsAsia ​12 November 2013
​More funding for those unable to afford lawyers in criminal cases ​Channel NewsAsia ​12 November 2013
​Helping the vulnerable deal with police ​Straits Times ​7 October 2013
​'Criminalise prostitution, or fully regulate it' ; Lawyers propose solution to paradox of not fully licensing sex workers but punishing those who engage minors' services TODAY ​28 September 2013
​MWC opens second help centre ahead of schedule TODAY ​23 September 2013
​Migrant Workers' Centre opens Geylang branch

Business Times Singapore

​23 September 2013
Migrant Workers' Centre opens second help centre in Geylang ​Channel NewsAsia ​22 September 2013
​Winners of President's Challenge Social Enterprise Award to receive business advice ​Straits Times ​18 May, 2013
​Law Week aims to plug information gaps for public ​Business Times Singapore ​23 July 2013
Foreign law firms top list of pro bono work donors ​Business Times Singapore ​12 July 2013
​President's challenge winners to get corporate support ​The New Paper ​19 May 2013
Social enterprises to get professional help ​Straits Times ​19 May 2013
​Big firms to mentor social enterprises in PCSEA ​Channel NewsAsia ​18 May 2013
​Inter-agency team looking into integration issues of foreign spouses TODAY ​22 April 2013
​Ex-teen rebel and alcoholic turned his life around by studying law ​Straits Times ​16 February 2013
​SPEND BIG TO WIN BIG? ​The New Paper ​16 February 2013
Parliament; Another 300,000 people may qualify for legal aid ​Straits Times ​5 February 2013
​Law Society initiative teaches youth about the law ​Straits Times ​11 January 2013
2012 ​The Bridge to Impact Giving ​Law Gazette ​1 January, 2012
​NUS Pro Bono Seminar Series 2011 ​Law Gazette ​1 January, 2012
​Writing an Emotional Will –  Lessons on Living in Reverse ​Law Gazette ​1 January, 2012
​Pro Bono Legal Services to Get Boost ​Today ​7 January, 2012
​Lawyers to do More for Free ​Straits Times ​7 January, 2012
​Starting Early on Pro Bono Legal Work ​Straits Times ​15 January, 2012
​Measures in Place for a Vibrant Pro Bono Culture ​Straits Times ​16 January, 2012
​More Psychiatrists to do Pro Bono Work ​Straits Times ​16 January, 2012
​More Lawyers Doing Pro Bono Work ​Straits Times 20​ February, 2012
​Law Firm to Support Pro Bono Works for Under-Priviledged ​Straits Times ​21 March, 2012
​Harry Elias Signs Pro Bono MOU ​Business Times ​23 March, 2012
​Fostering a Pro Bono Mindset for the Public Good ​Business Times ​16 May, 2012
​Free Legal Help on the Rise ​Straits Times 10 June, 2012​
​Legal Aid Scheme will Evolve ​Today ​15 June, 2012
​One-third of Accused have No Lawyers ​Straits Times ​17 June, 2012
​New Community Justice Centre to Start Operations in Q4 ​Channel News Asia ​20 June, 2012​​​​
​No Lawyer? New Centre Set Up to Help ​Straits Times ​21 June, 2012​​​​
​Justice Centre to Aid the Self-represented ​​Today ​21 June, 2012​​​​
​Help for Those Who Cannot Afford Lawyers ​The New Paper ​21 June, 2012​​​​
​2011 Pro Bono Short Essay Contest ​Law Gazette ​1 February, 2011
​Interview with Mr N. Sreenivasan, the Law Society Pro Bono Ambassador 2010/2011 ​​Law Gazette ​1 February, 2011
​Pro Bono Work 'Should Be Voluntary' ​Straits Times ​17 February, 2011
​Filling the Gap: Lawyers Giving Aid in Ad Hoc Cases ​Law Gazette ​1 March, 2011
​The Next Generation ​Law Gazette ​1 April, 2011
​Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS) Awards ​Law Gazette ​1 November, 2011
​Volunteer of the Year, Contributor of the Year and Pro Bono Ambassador of the Year ​Law Gazette ​1 November, 2011
2010 Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Benefits from Charity Golf
​Law Gazette ​1 January, 2010
​Fostering the Pro Bono Spirit in Law School ​Straits Times ​12 March, 2010
​Law Society Recruits Superheros ​Zao Bao ​7 May, 2012
​He Saves Innocent Man from Jail - For Free ​The New Paper ​17 May, 2010
​“The Incredible Lawyer”, Pro Bono Event ​Law Gazette ​1 June, 2010
​Corporate Social Responsibility and the Legal Profession ​Law Gazette ​1 June, 2010
​A Helping Hand, Freely Offered ​Today ​17 July, 2010
​Pro Bono Work: Good for the World, Good for the Firm ​​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2010
​Law Society of Singapore to Give Non-Profit Organizations Free Legal Advice ​Channel News Asia ​15 September, 2010
​Free Legal Advice for Non-profit Groups ​Straits Times ​16 September, 2010
​Law Society's Legal Clinics for Non-profit Groups to Receive 'Patients' Tomorrow ​Zao Bao ​16 September, 2010
​Allen & Gledhill LLP’s Pro Bono Programme ​Law Gazette ​1 October, 2010
​2009 ​Thank You (Project Law Help Committee) ​Law Gazette ​1 January, 2009
​Pro Bono Lawyer Saves Man Accused of Drug Abetment ​Sin Ming ​2 February, 2009
​Volunteer lawyers - Hope of the Heart Landers ​Wanbao ​​22 February, 2009
​Community Legal Clinic - 2,500 Seek Help within a Year ​​Wanbao ​​23 February, 2009
​NTUC, Law Society to Offer Free Legal Advice to Union Members ​Channel News Asia ​​24 February, 2009
​Law Awareness - Free legal Advice ​Today ​​25 February, 2009
​NTUC Works with the Law Society - Understanding Workers’ Rights ​Straits Times ​25 February, 2009
​Law Society to Offer Free Legal Advice to White Collar Workers ​Zao Bao ​25 February, 2009
​Make 1.0417 Days a Year Count ​Law Gazette ​1 April, 2009
​Feature on Pro Bono Services Office ​Wanbao ​4 April, 2009
​More White Collar Workers Seeking Free Legal Advice ​Wanbao ​17 April, 2009
​Cross-Border Pro Bono Committee Formed in Joint Effort Between Singapore and International Law Firms ​Law Gazette ​1 June, 2009
​Law Society Inaugural Annual Awards for Volunteer of the Year, Contributor of the Year and Pro Bono Ambassador of the Year ​Law Gazette ​1 October, 2009
​Chef Gets Substantial Reduced Sentencing with Pro Bono Lawyer's Assistance ​Wanbao ​23 October, 2009
​Law Awareness at AMK Hub ​Zao Bao ​23 October, 2009
​Lawyers Providing Pro Bono Services at Legal Clinics Held at AMK Hub ​Straits Times ​24 October, 2009
​60 Lawyers Offered Pro Bono Services at AMK Hub ​Wanbao ​24 October, 2009
​Providing Pro Bono Services at AMK Hub ​Zao Bao ​25 October, 2009
​Over 60 Lawyers Offer Free Legal Advice at Law Reach ​Straits Times ​25 October, 2009
​Law Reach 2009 ​Law Gazette ​1 December, 2009
​2008 Thank You Dinner for CLAS Volunteer Lawyers​ ​Law Gazette ​1 January, 2008
​Mentors for Criminal Law Aspirants ​Straits Times ​25 January, 2008
​Clients Throng Law Society's Free Clinic ​Straits Times ​​9 February, 2008
​Ex-Bus Driver Applies For Legal Aid ​The New Paper ​15 March, 2008
​In Conversation with The Honourable Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong ​Law Gazette ​1 April, 2008
​Lawyers with a Heart – the Assigned Solicitors of the Legal Aid Bureau ​Law Gazette ​1 May, 2008
​Needy Getting More Legal Aid ​Straits Times ​21 July, 2008
​The Law Society's Community Legal Clinic Project ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​NUS Pro Bono Group: Adding the Law Student Ingredient ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​Why I Volunteer with Project Law Help ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​Recognising Our Criminal Legal Aid Scheme Volunteers ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​Successfully Rehabilitated! ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​Project Law Help ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​The Hour of Criminal Legal Aid ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​The Pro Bono Services Family ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​Being Pro Bono Lawyers – And Proud of It ​Law Gazette ​1 August, 2008
​Lawyers Urged to Volunteer ​Straits Times ​24 November, 2008
​Business is Brisk at Legal Clinic ​Zao Bao ​5 December, 2008
2007 Ensuring Access to Justice: A Completed CLAS Assignment Law Gazette 1 February, 2007
  Thank You Dinner for Volunteers Law Gazette 1 February, 2007
  Needy Get Better Access to Legal Aid for Civil Criminal Cases Straits Times 3 March, 2007
  Behind the Scenes – The Law Society Secretariat Law Gazette 1 April, 2007
  Make 25 Hours or 1.0417 Days a Year Count Law Gazette 1 September, 2007
  Recognising Our CLAS Volunteers Law Gazette 1 September, 2007
  Free Legal Clinics In The Heartland Straits Times   2 September, 2007
  2 Free Legal Clinics To Open Next Week Zao Bao 7 September, 2007
  Law Society To Run Free Legal Clinics 4 Times A Week Business Times 8 September, 2007
  Free Legal Advice Get In Line Before Launch Of Law Society's Free Legal Clinics Opens Straits Times 9 September, 2007
  300 Lawyers Help the Needy to Claim Trial for Free Wan Bao 9 September, 2007
  Divorce Issues, Cheating Cases, Bankruptcy Woes... All In A Night's Work Straits Times 9 September, 2007
  More Free Legal Help Schemes for the Needy Straits Times 11 September, 2007
  Warming Up To Free Legal Aid Today 11 September, 2007
  More Free Legal Aid Is Available In Singapore Straits Times 21 September, 2007
  More Free Legal Aid Schemes Are Available In Singapore I-S Magazine 21 September, 2007
  Community Legal Clinic Broaden the Horizon of Varsity Students Zao Bao 31 December, 2007


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