Legacy Giving

Living and Leaving A Legacy


Living giving is planning to make a gift to impact generations, potentially during and beyond your lifetime.  Your planned gift is a powerful opportunity for you to enable access to justice, in areas that resonate most strongly with you.


At LSPBS, we believe that everyone has something to give and encourage you to give what you can when you can.  Whether it is a one-off gift or a series of structured repeated gifts, you have the heartfelt thanks of our organization and the communities we help.


Common ways to leave a legacy to LSPBS:


  • Bequest a portion of your estate as a legacy gift to LSPBS through your will.
  • Nominate LSPBS as a beneficiary of your Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies using a nomination form obtained from the CPF Board.
  • Designate LSPBS as a beneficiary of your insurance policies.

It is never too early to start planning or giving.  We strongly encourage you to speak with us on your intentions in advance.  Such a conversation is not legally binding and is a chance for us to understand your wishes and consider how best to implement them. 


To get started on planning your legacy, please get in touch with us today at supportus@lawsocprobono.org or call 6216 1412.