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An important part of the mission of the Law Society is to serve the community by facilitating access to justice. In order to exercise one's legal rights, one must first know what those rights are. To this end, the Law Society through its Law Awareness Committee organizes a wide range of community legal education projects to reach out to People, Private and Public spheres of our society. By increasing public knowledge of legal issues that impact their lives, we hope to dispel misconceptions and misunderstandings about the law in Singapore and bring about greater community legal literacy.  

We achieve our community legal education goals through various Law Awareness projects, free legal outreach talks, seminars, exhibitions, as well as publications on the law.


Law Awareness Week (LAW)

As a testament to the spirit of collaboration and access to justice, the five Community Development Councils (CDCs) of Singapore teamed up with the Law Society of Singapore to host the Law Awareness Week 2015 @ CDC (LAW). It was the first time that the CDCs worked with the Law Society to introduce a series of law talks to the residents in the public and private estates across the five CDC districts, covering a wide range of topics from Advance Planning to Employment Rights.

LAW 2015 was a ground-breaking first for legal awareness. Held from 20-26 July 2015, over 30 talks were run across Singapore, reaching out to more than 1,200 participants to raise legal awareness in the community.

The LAW presentations are tailored to non-legally trained audiences, with the intention of breaking the "legal jargon" down into easy-to-understand elements. These presentations promote awareness, instill a basic understanding of the law, and empower Singaporeans to navigate basic legal issues. LAW aims to bring together all members of our community to ensure equal access to legal knowledge for all.

Following the success of the inaugural LAW in 2015, the Law Society is pleased to continue the collaboration with the five CDCs for LAW 2016. More information on LAW 2016 will be available at a later date. Do keep a lookout for it!

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