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1. Singaporeans and PRs who marginally fail the Legal Aid Bureau’s means test 
2. Foreign spouses with Singaporean children* 
*Our previous beta scheme Project LEAF will be absorbed into FJSS 
Matrimonial matters, such as: 
1. Divorce 
2. Family violence 
3. Maintenance 
4. Children-related issues (e.g. custody, care and control, access, relocation)
1. For those with modest means, FJSS will provide a referral to up to 3 FJSS Panel Lawyers who agree to charge fees that are lower than their usual commercial rates.
2. For foreign spouses with Singaporean children who pass the means test, FJSS will assign a Panel Lawyer to provide pro bono legal representation.
Singaporeans and PRs
1. Must approach Legal Aid Bureau (LAB) first 
2. Must be rejected by LAB and provide the rejection letter 
3. Must pass the means test (see below) 
Foreign spouses
1. Must have Singaporean children 
2. Must pass the means test (see below)


​Pro bono legal representation for foreign spouses with Singaporean children
​Referral to FJSS Panel Lawyers who agree to reduce their charges
​Monthly Per Capita Household Income (PCHI)
​Annual Value of applicant's place of residence
​The applicant must not own property other than his or her place of residence.
​Applicant's savings and non-CPF investments
($40,000 for an elderly applicant aged 60 and above)
<$12,001-$14,000: subject to Committee approval if exceptional circumstances exist)

HOW TO APPLY? Click here to answer a short questionaire to be directed to the appropriate registration form or help avenue.

You may also email us at

 A Worker’s Guide to Compensation

A Worker’s Guide to Compensation is a Migrant Workers’ Group initiative that seeks to equip migrant workers with a better understanding of the principles of common law and Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA).

This handbook will answer questions such as:

  • "How does a worker recover compensation if he is injured in the course of employment?"
  • "Can I claim under both WICA and at common law?"
  • "What can I do if my employer still refuses to pay my compensation after I submit a WICA claim?"
  • "Can my employer fire me on the grounds that I cannot work due to my injury?"

A Worker’s Guide to Compensation is not a substitute for obtaining face-to-face and bespoke legal advice. If you are a migrant worker seeking legal advice on workplace injuries or any other legal issues, please visit Migrant Workers’ Group Facebook Page for the most updated list of agencies you can register with.

Law Society Pro Bono Services hopes that you find A Worker’s Guide to Compensation useful. 

A Worker’s Guide to Compensation’ legal handbook is available for download through the link below:

Download the booklet:
English Version

This publication was created pro bono by Lee Shergill LLP and citing diagrams from Luke Calvin Chew Chun Wei.


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